C-F Business Links Case Studies


We are recognised as experts in the sectors we work in.


Network Rail / Grahams


CFBL identified risks in our target cost contracts and developed robust target cost

contract templates and proposals for our legal terms and conditions, embedding

commercial controls and lessons learnt on live cost audits, minimising risks for all parties.”


Ian Wright - Senior Contract Specialist

Atkins / SNC Lavalin


“CFBL undertook collaborative consultations with a working group of contractors and

consultant organisations to develop shared protocols and delivered training to Atkins

commercial, finance and procurement staff minimising future risks from disallowed costs”.


 Senior Commercial Manager, Atkins


Ridge & Partners LLP


“CFBL delivered training required to upskill commercial, Network rail staff in London,

Manchester, Birmingham, Swindon, and Cardiff on commercial controls for the execution

of cost assurance and audits on target, alliance and cost-based contracts.”


Kevin McKee, Partner  Ridge & Partners / MCCC


PAW Foundation


“CFBLs recommendations for our 5-year strategic business plans were in line with the

director’s implementation plans and were very insightful. The SWOT analysis we found

to be incredibly valuable to our business.”


                                                           Paw Foundation, UK Chair


Network Rail


“CFBL led consultations with contractor, consultant and auditor workstreams and delivered

cost assurance protocols for our 5-Year control period. Cecelia would be an asset to any

company to whom she is engaged, we would never hesitate to call upon her expertise. ”.


Victoria  Hill-Stanford Head of Commercial

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