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Cost Assurance & Audit Services

Why is it important?

Organisations and projects we cannot preempt every risk or opportunity that might arise on a project. A cost assurance audit is needed to safeguard value for money and provide assurance that control systems are in place for costs to be correctly incurred and captured. Our pre-contract and post-contract cost assurance services help with assurance and project governance throughout the lifecycle of the project.

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Our focus is on building strategic partnerships and adopting innovative solutions in our delivery of cost assurance and audit services for clients on infrastructure projects and strategy advisory to innovative businesses, ensuring that they remain agile, sustainable, and financially resilient.

The highest professional standard from our chartered qualifications means that we continually strive for excellence in our approach to cost assurance and audits on infrastructure projects, strategy advisory to innovative businesses, and ensuring a strong commitment to risk governance.

We take inspiration from diverse perspectives and our responsibility to empower communities by leading collaboration amongst multi-disciplinary teams - this is evident in our cost assurance protocols and ESG finance workshops delivered industry-wide to provide thought leadership.

Our Services

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Cost Assurance & Audits

We carry out independent cost assurance and audits to validate the accuracy between the intended contract costs, agreed contract changes signed by the parties versus actual BAU costs reimbursed over the project lifecycle. In this process we ensure that the commercial governance and financial controls are in place.

Commercial Management

We provide cost and commercial management services for projects and ensure that all parties to the commercial contract adhere to the legal terms and conditions of the form of contract.

Project Governance & Change Controls

We provide commercial, contract management, and project control services. This entails investment approval to obtain authority, business case development to secure funding, developing the programme, procuring the contractor, commercial management of the
contract, project implementation, change management and project controls. 

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T: 01737 452323 | 07951 722544

Office: Clarendon Road, Redhill Surrey, RH1 1QZ, United Kingdom.

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