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ESG Course training

This course is aimed to prepare you with the knowledge needed to respond to environmental,  social,  and governance  (ESG) inquiries and leverage this information to conduct more effective due diligence, and make better investment decisions.

How does CFBL Consulting help?

- CFBL delivers bespoke sustainable strategy advisory and training to infrastructure projects and SMEs.


- 10-20% discount off in person or hybrid ESG Finance training for groups of 25 people or more.


- Training include industry-specific case studies, video and demos for sustainable ESG finance decisions


- Partnered with Compare Your Footprint a digital tool for 10% and 20% discount for certified B-Corps.


- Includes free annual footprint reporting for businesses with less than £300K turnover.


- Opportunities for R&D and Capital allowance cashbacks from capex or technology and ESG investment choices

Course overview
  • 100% online, in person or hybrid workshops

  • Unlimited Access to Modules

  • Total 3 parts of course 

  • 15- 20 hours Average Completion time

  • Receive a Digital Certificate

  • Learn at your own Pace

"Working with Cecelia was painless. IT gave us confidence and valuable lessons learned to improve our systems. The 'fear' of being audited and not knowing what was coming dissipated VERY quickly after FIRST introductions."

Jason Matthiae, Snr Commercial Manager - Fourway Telecoms

Targeted sectors and industries:
  • Transport, Engineering & Construction

  • Finance, Technology & Telecoms

  • Professional Services & Education

  • Community Hospitality & Events

  • Energy, Utilities & Public Sector

Targeted Professionals:
  • Commercial, Contract & Procurement Professionals

  • Finance & Non-Finance Professionals

  • Scale-up SME Businesses, Funders & Entrepreneurs

  • Suppliers, Supply Chain & Ecosystem Partners

  • Project, Operations, Delivery & Strategic Partners

"CFBL developed Cost assurance and Audit protocols and delivered training nationally for the clients business and supply chain in Manchester, London, Birmingham, AND Swindon - helping to upskill 200+ staff and professionals"

Kevin Mckee, Partner - Ridge & Co (MCCC)

The course is split into 3 parts that need to be undertaken to build your foundation on ESG Components.

Part 1 

ESG Fundamentals

1 Hours

Course link

Part 2

ESG Reporting Standards

2 Hours

Course link

Part 3

Sustainable scorecards for Financial performance

2 Hours

Course link

Part 1: ESG Finance Introduction
  1. What is ESG?
  2. Environment
  3. Social
  4. Government
  5. Case studies
Part 2: ESG Finance Reporting
  1. UN's Goals
  2. Key Theories
  3. Reporting standards
  4. Case studies
Part 3: ESG Finance Implementation
  1. Implementing ESG strategy
  2. ESG metrics
  3. sustainable scorecards
  4. Case studies
How to register on our training?

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