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ESG Finance Training

Sustainability & ESG Strategy Consultants in London


CFBL helps businesses with embedding sustainability into strategy, enabling businesses and projects to be efficiently and thoroughly set up for calculating and benchmarking their carbon footprint.

Our Core Values
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This course is aimed to prepare you with the knowledge needed to respond to environmental,  social,  and governance  (ESG) inquiries and leverage this information to conduct more effective due diligence, and make better investment decisions.

Our Core Values
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Our Services: What we will do

  • Implementing a sustainable business strategy 

  • Quick sustainability pre-audit and diagnostics 

  • Carbon cost audit 

  • ESG finance workshop and training

  • ESG KPI, impact and sustainability reporting 

  • Equality and gender pay balance ED&I audits 

  • Implementing ESG protocols and controls (More)

How does CFBL Consulting help?

- CFBL delivers bespoke sustainable strategy advisory and training to infrastructure projects and SMEs.


- 10-20% discount off in person or hybrid ESG Finance training for groups of 25 people or more.


- Training include industry-specific case studies, video and demos for sustainable ESG finance decisions


- Partnered with Compare Your Footprint a digital tool for 10% and 20% discount for certified B-Corps.


- Includes free annual footprint reporting for businesses with less than £300K turnover.


- Opportunities for R&D and Capital allowance cashbacks from capex or technology and ESG investment choices

Three Coworkers
Our Outputs: What you will get

  • Sustainable business strategy

  • An agile sustainable business plan

  • Calculation and benchmarking of your carbon footprint

  • Established science-based targets (towards net-zero)

  • Project roadmap for monitoring and reporting ESG KPIs

  • Transition to low-carbon

  • Increased profitability

  • Contribution to CSR, sustainable value and equity in society

Board Meeting
Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability (CSR)

Empowering communities is at the forefront of our long-term vision and corporate values. We believe strongly in our commitment to support charities, social enterprises, non-governmental organisations public bodies and projects.


We work hard to increase resilience in SME businesses and sustainability in global, local communities and businesses. As a result, 25% of our time, expertise and resources is ringfenced for supporting social causes including driving governance on infrastructure projects.

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