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Digital Transformation Services

Why is it important?

Today's software solutions feature some of the most cutting edge technology and automation, allowing businesses to optimise cost and resources. To maintain a competitive edge, it is crucial that businesses keep up to date and utilise cutting edge technology.


In collaboration with our partners, CFBL will work to transform your business with our specialist advisory services on new software applications helping you to optimise operations, efficiency and cost.

How can we help?

Strategic Partnering

We work as your strategic partners to identify the needs of your organisation and provide independent advice on the most appropriate digital solutions for your business.

Empowering Communities

We support the implementation of the best solution for you and your internal and external stakeholders, ensuring that you are empowered and equipped to compete strategically.

Sustainable Value

By supporting the implementation of the most appropriate system for your organisation, CFBL ensures that processes are optimised, allowing for increased efficiency and effectiveness 

Our Services

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Transformation Advisory & Thought Leadership

We offer our expert advisory services to businesses looking for digital solutions to optimising their financial operations.

We support infrastructure projects, businesses and SMEs in implementing digital & transformational changes that are most appropriate and affordable for the business.

Cost Efficiency & Optimisation Advisory

We help achieve cost optimisation post-implementation by ensuring that the correct transfer pricing, costing and governance regimes are in place.


We support clients in adopting technology for capturing cost at source, analysing data and convert data into intelligence for risk management, forecasting, auditing, real-time reporting and management decision making.

Grant Funding Finance & Investment Advisory

We assist in the determination of appropriate Funding & Payment Solutions for your organisation’s needs.

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