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Financial Management Control & Open-Book Accounting 

Why is it important?

Open-book accounting ensures that all parties in the supply chain, client, contractor, and are reimbursed equitable as intended by the contract on the basis of transparent cost records correctly incurred. We help implement the principles correctly on target cost, cost based or alliancing contracts or framework contracts ensuring contract compliance while providing relative assurance and confidence on cost, delivery and risks and that risks to revenue and profits are minimised.

We ensure that costs and financial resources used are captured, managed efficiently and correctly reported in line with IFRS and relevant reporting frameworks. This involves ensuring that robust controls commercial, financial and project controls in place throughout the project life cycle. This includes cost optimisation and accounting and tax advisory. Our services also entail investment funding appraisal, planning, budgeting, forecasting and financial modelling and undertaking the roles of finance director, interim or deputy finance director or strategic finance business partner within the business or project.

How can we help?

Strategic Partnering

We are not just tax accountants, we are specialist management accountants and finance business partners who ensure that projects and businesses are successful in line with strategic plans and generate sustainable value.

Empowering Communities

We are chartered management accountants with decades of experience in accounting, financial management and control. We empower businesses to take the necessary steps for a more resilient long-term strategy.

Sustainable Value

Sustainability is at the core of CFBL’s core values. We ensure business and projects are sustainably optimised for long-term value through robust strategic business/financial planning and control.

Our Services

Cost Optimisation & Advisory

We work with business to maximise the potential of their financial resources, both directly and in an advisory capacity.

Funding Investment Appraisal

We will help develop your investment business case and support you in selecting the appropriate funding strategy and in obtaining these.

Finance Business Partnering

We can take on a longer-term advisory role alongside your organisation, guiding along financial matters with our expert industry insights and wealth of experience.

Accounting & Tax

We will take care of your personal taxes - PAYE, NICs, Self Assessment and Pensions, ensuring they are timely, optimised and compliant.

We also take care of payroll and business taxes - Corporation Tax, VAT, returns, NIC's, Pensions & Withholding Tax, ensuring they are timely, optimised and compliant.

Planning, Budgeting, Forecasting & Financial Modelling

We will also ensure that you have appropriate financial controls in place for budgeting, cash flow management, cost, credit control and risk management.

Interim Head of Finance / Finance Director Role

We can also temporarily take a more embedded role with your organisation as an Interim Finance Director.