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Why is it important?

A business strategy is more than just a plan. It is both a picture and short-term view of your business in its current form and a vision of your long-term vision and ambitions for your business. It is the lack of strategic business planning and financial resilience that is often the downfall of many businesses. Do you know that every business needs a sustainable business strategy and an agile business plan to build up the resilience to survive for the long term. We develop sustainable strategic business plans with commercial, financial and accounting controls and our project roadmaps enable successful implementation of strategies for growth, resilience and innovation.


CFBL provides independent advisory on options that best aligns with your long-term sustainable strategic business goals while working collaboratively as strategic partners we help you establish KPIs that can be actively monitored to help you and assess the effectiveness of your operations, and help identify current, emerging risks and key industry trends to help you maintain competitive advantage. Our services are best suited to SMEs looking to scale-up or transform​. From our wealth of expertise we know that every business needs a sustainable business strategy and agile business plan to be successful for the long-term. A strong business plan and financial statement provides opportunities for funding and growth allowing your business to successfully scale-up and transform.

How can we help?

Strategic Partnering

Empowering Communities

Sustainable Value

CFBL does not just provide a one-off quick fix solution. Our services go the extra mile, establishing ourselves as long-term partners to see your strategy through.

Having operated successfully for a full decade, CFBL brings a wealth of experience to the table, empowering your business to make the informed decisions it needs to.

Our strategic thinking allows businesses to develop long-term sustainable strategies for growth,  resilience through economic instability, and thrive in the long term.

Business Strategy Advisory

We consult with business, providing comprehensive advisory services in the conception and application of long-term business strategies.

Strategic Business Plans

Using years of industry experience, we formulate detailed short and long-term business plans to achieve set targets for clients

Business Performance Evaluation

We monitor the progress of implemented strategies thoroughly to evaluate their success.

Financial Analysis and 5-Year  Financial Statements

We undertake a financial analysis and develop 5-year financial statements comprising the balance sheet, income statement and cashflow statements.

Business Plan Strategic Annual Review

We can take on a more regular role with organisations, conducting annual reviews of your business strategy. These reviews seek to fine-tune the strategy in relation to new developments and ensure operations are fully optimised.

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Strategic Business Planning Services

We provide advisory services and support clients in developing and implementing sustainable a business strategy, business plans, and resilient financial statements to scale-up, secure grants funding and innovate.



Financial Management & Accounting Services 

We provide advisory and due diligence to clients on tax, management accounting, strategic business plans, cash flow, budgets, payroll, credit control, contracts & finance.​

Financial Report

Digital Transformation & Innovation Services

We provide independent advisory services and support clients with IT, technical, design, implementation, strategy, research, development, technology and innovation.


Business Presentation

Training & Change-Management Services

We deliver case-study based training, ensuring that staff and suppliers are skilled in their roles, on projects and agile enough to respond efficiently to changes and risks as employees, staff, managers, suppliers, and custodians of public or private funds.

*Some services are provided as value-added services and through associate partners e.g. financial institutions

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Who we work with

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What we will do

Our service and in-depth analysis include:

  • Developing a unique, innovative and sustainable business strategy


  • Creating an agile business plan that is implementation ready


  • Planning and  implementing your growth and funding roadmap

  • Delivering business advisory services and training​​

  • Links to our rich repository of business expertise, and industry contacts


What you will get

Tangible benefits to your business include:

  • A sustainable business strategy for the long term success of your business


  • A bespoke and agile business plan that is unique to your specific business

  • 5-year financial plan of balance sheet, income and cashflow statements


  • Long-term strategic business advisory and competitor analysis

  • Business mentoring, coaching, management, leadership and staff training

  • Access to a rich repository of business expertise, and useful contacts

Read Our Testimonials

  • "The team did an excellent job on my bespoke business plan. There were lots of creative ideas that I was very impressed with”. - TMR

  • "Recommendations were in line with our implementation plans and very insightful. The SWOT analysis was incredibly valuable.". - PAW

  • "Certainly, I made the right choice. They provided expert strategies for growth, profit, and staying above our competitors". - Sagrielle

Strategic Partnering



Sustainable Value