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 Steering Group 

In August 2021, our multidisciplinary steering group shared with the wider industry our Key Outputs 5 - The People Perspective. This contains high-level guidance that was led by Network Rail / High Speed 2 (HS2) and the latest thinking from multiple lenses and experts. 


This time we examine a technology best practice use case presented by the Raildiary. We hope that the wider industry finds this high-level guidance beneficial. Special appreciation to key contributors, members and their organisations. Read more

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Key Output 4

In April 2021, our multidisciplinary steering group, shared with the industry, our Key Outputs 4 - The Legal Perspective. These were summary guidelines and the latest thinking from multiple lenses and experts from a legal viewpoint.

Appreciation, to Eversheds Sutherland who led this output, to key contributors and members. This contains insights, a technology use case from Cemar - ThinkProject on Hinkley Point C and we hope that the wider industry find these beneficial. Read more

Multi-disciplinary Steering Group

The multi-disciplinary steering group for cost assurance and audits on infrastructure projects and contracts, was borne out of common agreement on the need for this by the parties. This is a group made up of experts from diverse backgrounds and professions that comprise representatives from a cross-section of the industry. We aim to drive accountability, change and transformation in the industry.

The objective is to meet quarterly in a setting where lessons learnt and best practices from real-life experiences from projects and contracts delivered around the world in diverse industries and sectors are shared confidentially, creating a common voice and interpretation to help identify, resolve trends quickly, share knowledge, expertise, and best practice on infrastructure projects.


Key Output 2&3

In December 2020, our steering group shared with the industry our Key Outputs 2 and 3. Summary guidance and the latest thinking on Frameworks and Standards led by Turner & Townsend and The Orange Partnership.

This includes the latest thinking on Contracts and Key Terms led by In Construction Consulting and Blake Newport. It featured best practice on NEC 3/4 Contracts and a technology use case by Ideagen on JPL / NASA. We hope you find these beneficial. Read more


Key Output 1

In September 2020, we shared our Key Output 1, with the wider industry after the June 2020 inaugural meeting of our multidisciplinary steering group (this was following initial engagement with the industry in October 2019 in conjunction with Network Rail and Arcadis.

Key Output 1 identified key issues and comprised summary recommendations from founding members and the latest thinking from multiple lenses and industry experts. This featured a technology use case from Ideagen / Pentana Audit. Read more

Our Members

The steering group comprises multidisciplinary professionals from a cross-section of the industry that include lawyers, contract specialists, accountants, auditors, engineers, quantity surveyors and consultants.

This consists of many of the top client, contractor and consultants in engineering and construction and include professional members and associates of top professional bodies. Read more

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