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C-F Business Links (CFBL Consulting)

Commercial Finance Cost Consultants in London

CFBL Consulting are specialist commercial finance consultants and cost auditors that provide advisory services on infrastructure projects and to businesses. We follow through ensuring that clients are operational with recommendations and we measure our success by theirs.

Our Core Values

Strategic Partnering

We form long-term strategic partnerships with clients.


We optimise cost, profit, and value sustainably for clients.

Sustainable Value

We empower the communities in which we work.

Our Services & Clients

Infrastructure Projects

We provide commercial, contract management, contract audit  assurance, finance, accounting, and advisory for infrastructure projects from business case to investment funding and finally completion.

SME Business Strategy

We develop sustainable strategic business plans with financial and accounting

controls. Our project plans and roadmaps enable the successful implementation of strategies for growth, resilience and innovation.

Sustainability and ESG Strategy

By embedding sustainability and ESG KPIs into strategy, we empower businesses and communities with the tools for calculating/benchmarking carbon footprint and provide a roadmap for monitoring and reporting ESG KPIs.

Fintech & Digital Transformation

We provide digital and transformation advisory on infrastructure projects and to businesses for implementing software for audit, contracts, cost, planning, reporting, and finance transformation. 

Steering Group (CSR)