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Commercial Finance Cost Consultants in London

CFBL Consulting are specialist commercial finance consultants and auditors that provide cost assurance, cost audit, cost systems, protocols, training and sustainable strategy advisory to infrastructure projects and SME businesses.

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Our Services


Infrastructure Projects

  • Cost Assurance Audits

  • System & HR Audits

  • Capex Controls

  • Funding Business Case

  • Protocols Training

We carry out independent cost assurance and audits to validate the accuracy between the intended contract costs, agreed contract changes signed by the parties versus actual BAU costs reimbursed over the project lifecycle. In this process we ensure that the commercial governance and financial controls are in place.

SME Business

  • Business Strategy

  • 5-Yr Strategic Plans

  • Financial Statements

  • Impact Reporting

  • Consulting & Advisory

CFBL provides independent advisory on options that best aligns with your long-term sustainable strategic business goals. We establish KPIs that can be actively monitored to help you and assess the effectiveness of your operations, and help identify current, emerging risks and key industry trends to help you maintain competitive advantage. 

Sustainability & ESG Strategy

  • Sustainable Strategy

  • ESG Finance Training

  • Carbon Cost & ESG Audit

  • Reporting/benchmarking

  • Consulting & Advisory

CFBL helps embed sustainability into strategy, enabling businesses and projects to be efficiently and thoroughly set up for calculating and benchmarking their carbon footprint. We support businesses in establishing science-based targets (towards net zero), implementing a roadmap for monitoring and reporting progress with ESG KPIs as part of monthly reporting. 

Steering Group (CSR)

  • Cost Assurance Audits

  • Contract Specialists

  • Legal Specialists

  • Commercial Strategy

  • Technology & Systems

The multi-disciplinary steering group for cost assurance and audits on infrastructure projects and contracts, was borne out of common agreement on the need for this by the parties. This is a group made up of experts from diverse backgrounds and professions that comprise representatives from a cross-section of the industry. We aim to drive accountability, change and transformation in the industry.

Fintech & Digital Transformation

  • Independent Advisory

  • Funding Business Case

  • Systems Audit &

  • Reporting

  • Training 

CFBL provides independent advisory on the solution that best aligns with your unique long-term sustainable strategic business plans. Our role involves business case reviews, prior to financing the investment, supplier selection and commercial review before contracting and end-user engagement and training before pilot and final implementation.