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Read to find out how we can help your project with cost assurance. We are specialist commercial, finance, cost consultants & chartered management accountants. We are experts at identifying and managing commercial, finance, and cost risks on projects. Click here for a summary of our servicesCall 01737452323 or 07951722554. Find out more.

Financial Management & Accounting Services

We are specialist management accountants and finance business partners who embed governance, controls, and adherence to IFRS throughout the project lifecycle. We want projects to achieve planned objectives and to be successful.


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Cost Assurance & Audit Services

We carry out independent, cyclical investigations using digital real-time reporting to validate accuracy between intended contract costs, agreed contract changes signed by the parties versus actual BAU costs reimbursed over the project lifecycle.

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Commercial Protocols & Training Services

We deliver case-study based training, ensuring that staff and suppliers are skilled in their roles, on projects and agile enough to respond efficiently to changes and risks as employees, staff, managers, suppliers, and custodians of public or private funds.

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Digital Transformation & Innovation Services


We provide advisory services and support clients with IT, technical, design, implementation, strategy, research, development, technology & innovation.


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What we will do


Our service involves in-depth reviews and includes

  • Examining your contracts and controls

  • Interrogating cost systems and controls

  • Reviewing your project & commercial controls

  • Delivering advisory services & training

  • Links to a rich repository of specialist contacts and useful project expertise

What you will get


Tangible benefits to your projects include:

  • Optimising contract costs & transformation

  • Maximising revenue, profit & value

  • Minimising risks & opportunity cost

  • Improving processes & change

  • Access to a rich repository of specialist contacts and expertise


We can help


T: 01737452323 / 07951722554



Read Our Testimonials

  • "You ran the session very well. Your follow-up material was excellent. Well done". - S.B (Network Rail)


  • "I really liked it. I have not quite seen anything like it. Well done". - G.B (Blake Newport)


  • "Good session 10/10. I found it very useful and learned a lot. Glad I attended ". - C.M.Wood (Ideagen-Pentana Audit)


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Office: 25 Clarendon Road, Redhill Surrey, RH1 1QZ, United Kingdom.

T: 01737 452323  | 07951 722554

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