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All members who wish to engage in public practice, as defined in CIMA's member in practice rules, must hold a current practising certificate.

The CFBL practising certificate is a license to practice and is issued following an admission to CIMA's member in practice register or following successful annual renewal. 

CIMA has an obligation to protect the public; who must have confidence in the integrity and standards of those who are licensed by the Institute.

CIMA is aware that circumstances change. To ensure that only registered and monitored members in practice are licensed; practising certificates are only valid for one calendar year. A replacement practising certificate will be re-issued once your annual member in practice renewal is completed.  

A mark of professionalism

CIMA members in practice achieve and maintain professionalism through compliance with regulations around CPD, anti-money laundering and mandatory requirement policies. The practising certificate highlights that the holder has attained a level of competency to offer management accountancy services to the public and does so in an ethical and professional manner.   

Conditions of use

Holders of CIMA practising certificates are entitled to call themselves chartered management accountants. Find out more about use of the title.

To maintain their practising certificate members must renew their member in practice status annually with CIMA. Failure to do so when requested can result in losing member in practice status, and a full reapplication being required to regain entry onto CIMA's register.  

All members working in practice must be compliant with CIMA's mandatory requirements. CIMA conducts quality assurance checks upon these documents and selected members are required to send in copies as confirmation of compliance and to ensure they meet CIMA's quality criteria.

Any member found to be providing accounting services whilst not registered as a member in practice will be in breach of the Member in Practice Rules (Rule 12) and may be liable to disciplinary action by the institute. 

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